Force/Collide was created in 2013 by Seattle-based metalsmith Chelsea Gaddy as a platform for building high-end furniture and architectural works. Our design is rooted in a mix of distinct geometry, the attitude of clean minimalism and dramatic materiality; the process, always in the upmost care for quality and integrity.

What sets Force/Collide apart is a one-on-one, face-to-face approach every step of the way, from product development to execution; we are a truly custom outfit. By providing a thorough overview of the design and build process, we commit to meeting every project's level of complexity with refined technique and focus. In the Force/Collide shop, attention to detail is necessary in every step, and we strive to push the boundary of possibility while meeting every parameter of function and design.

Chelsea completed a BFA in Photography from University of Washington in 2008 and has worked professionally and creatively  in many mediums. She began studying welding, fabrication and blacksmithing at Pratt Fine Arts Center in 2010, where she discovered that her passion for working with metal is the perfect intersection of art and function. 

Photo by Genevieve Pierson of Project Girl Crush


We have contracted with Chelsea on many occasions to produce fabricated, custom finished and custom patinaed metal work for our biggest and most important client. Not only are they our biggest client but they are by far our pickiest. But they absolutely fell in love with Chelsea’s work and have been completely satisfied every time we have installed her work.

I would highly recommend Chelsea to anyone looking for high end metal and fabrication work. Not only are her prices highly competitive and the work top notch, but for me, knowing my most important client is in such capable hands allows me to concentrate on other things and relax knowing things will get done correctly and at the high level of quality we expect.
— Todd Barolo, Graffix, General Manager
Working with Chelsea was easy. She quickly turned my ideas into sketches that let us both visualize what the end result would look like. Once the design was finalized, she kept me updated as the build process went along or any build issues came up. Her attention to minute details meant that the end result was exactly as I had imagined it to be.
— Nick Jennings, Private Collector
I commissioned Force/Collide to create a cafe set, and it is one of the greatest investments I have ever made. She was able to produce a functional piece of furniture/art, where every angle, component, and material is thoughtful and deliberate. I have yet to have a guest come in my home and not remark on what a beautiful production that it is, and how they want one of their own.
— Randy Leslein, Private Collector
My business partner and I contacted Force/Collide after seeing Chelsea’s work at the Bellevue Art Museum. We thought her intense geometric style would have a big impact in helping our business stand out. We contracted Chelsea to build a railing to house a sidewalk cafe for our patrons, It needed to be sturdy, strong, and beautiful. Force/Collide delivered exactly what we needed. Our outdoor seating stands out on a street full of custom fencing and railing. Our patrons regularly comment on the craftsmanship and we are so happy with it that we have already begun discussing another project with her.
— Jeremy Alexander, Neon Boots, Owner