Force/Collide at Ghost Gallery

We're excited to announce that Ghost Gallery will host Force/Collide for a weekend-long pop up on Saturday 10/13 and Sunday 10/14 at their new location in Capitol Hill's Chophouse Row! Please join us for a happy hour reception or stop by during gallery hours anytime this weekend and brighten up your space with a colorful Deca Planter for your house plants this fall.

Force/Collide will be donating 10% of sales and special orders throughout the weekend to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the nation's largest anti-sexual violence network.

Saturday, October 13th: 4-8pm

Saturday, October 13th: 11am-8pm
Sunday, October 14: 11am-6pm

You can enter the gallery two ways: via the Cupcake Royale entrance at 1111 E. Pike St (ADA accessible), or through the Chophouse Row Alley at 11th Ave (follow our signs and go up the concrete stairs across from Moo-Young and HONED Boutique)

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Filson features Force/Collide in "Might of the Pacific Northwest Worker"

We're pleased to announce that Filson has included owner Chelsea Gaddy in their new short film about working artists in the Pacific Northwest, as well as their fall catalog!

For 121-years, Filson has outfitted and partnered with makers, builders, fabricators and creators. These craftsmen and women work with their hands. They use brute force and extreme finesse to bring out the best in their chosen material: wood, steel, or glass. At the end of the day, their reward is the satisfaction that comes with bringing to life, from saw blades and fire, a tool, a home, or a work of art. Watch our most recent video highlighting the people who have made our Filson Flagship location what it is today.
— Filson

Carol Duke Artist Award of Excellence Recipient



We're honored to announce that Force/Collide was award the Carol Duke Artist Award of Excellence at this year's Bellevue Arts Museum Artsfair! Jurors included the Executive Director of Bellevue Arts Museum, Benedict Heywood, Executive Director of Pratt Fine Art Center, Steven Galatro and Seattle Office of Arts and Culture's King Street Station Program Lead, S. Surface. Artsfair features over 300 artists and grants ten artists with the award.

This year's recipients included Leslee Burtt, Gabriela Horvat, Transito Lopez, Justin Nelson, Marian Shoettle, Shizuko Shichishima, Fortune Sitole, Tricia Stackle, and Phirak Suon & Jacob Foran.

1stdibs launches Force/Collide Storefront

Force/Collide is proud to announce that we've been invited to be a contemporary dealer on 1stdibs. We've included some of our key works from the last two years as made-to-order production items and look forward to building an inventory that will have a global reach. Please visit out storefront and give us a favorite or a follow!

City Arts Magazine features Force/Collide for an Open Studio

We couldn't be more honored to host writer Amanda Manitach and photographer Kelly O at the shop for an afternoon of interview and demonstrations! Check out the article in City Arts Magazine.


Chelsea Gaddy's Metalworking Wonderland

By Amanda Manitach & Kelly O

Pilot Episode: Candace Fields x Force/Collide Documentary Series

Seattle filmmaker Candace Fields has teamed up with Force/Collide to create the pilot episode of a new series of documentaries designed to give a behind the scenes look at the beginnings of our company and what our mission is.

Stay tuned for more short films that explore the process of working with us on a custom basis, what goes into the making of a piece, and what we see for the future of Force/Collide.

Shot and edited by Candace Fields
Music by Drew Kilven

BAM Biennial 2016: The Making of Parenthetical Light


Parenthetical Light | Fabricated silicon bronze | 19.5 x 105 x 9" | Photographs by Christopher Eltrich


Parenthetical Light is a series of silicon bronze, wall-mounted lighting that spans 9 feet across. From conception, the most prominent functional goals were three-fold: how to shape light in an extremely controlled way with an opaque and partially reflective material, how to use the light to emphasize the material, and at the same time how to make fixtures that function as sculptures whether the light is off or on. Click here to view photos of the completed project.

Here's an inside look at how the project came together over six months and the many vital contributions from colleagues.




The project began by building several steel prototypes that were used to refine all the final design choices and cut down on waste. Everything from proportions and significant mathematical relationships to fittings and mounting systems were determined in the modeling process.  The creative and technical consults of Jonathon Carmichael, Zack Wait and Brian Raber were crucial throughout this process.




Another preliminary step was to test the properties specific to my chosen material in relation to the fabrication techniques that would be applied in the design. James Reinhardt and his crew at Pacific Sheet Metal worked with me to orchestrate a series of brake forming tests with the silicon bronze sheet that would be used in the final product. The result was that I was able to dial in which machines, dies and techniques would allow me achieve the look I wanted and plan for potential problems ahead.



The testing process was also integral to the next step - CAD modeling. Industrial designer Yale Wolf used my physical model to generate a digital rendering, capitalizing on the foresight our experimentation and making special alterations to each piece that would reduce problems and flaws in the final product.



Now that all the steps were broken down by working backward from a rough model, bronze was ready to be cut. The CAD drawings were sent to DaVinci’s Workshop for water jet cutting in a flat layout. The choice to use CAD and waterjet afforded me an unrivaled accuracy that would directly benefit every step from that point on. After cutting, many of the parts underwent a rigorous brake-forming process back at Pacific Sheet Metal. Within an accuracy of less than 1 degree, Trevor Alderfer and Yale Wolf diligently improvised the manual operation of a 20’ industrial bender on soft and delicate bronze.




Meanwhile, I built all the French cleat mounting systems from solid silicon bronze and exhausted the market for the perfect LED tube lights. I also began testing various patinas and application techniques and preparing for the process to be as smooth as possible.




Though the parts had begun to take shape, the fabrication had barely begun. Due to the nature of the high finish I was planning, the construction of the final pieces was very much a series of refinement through which parts were pre-finished and filed, edges dressed and styled . Every plane had to be rigorously sanded to a high grit, near polished quality and every die mark removed. After the surface of the bronze was broken down and refined, the parts began to be fitted and TIG welded, then sanded, buffed and filed again in many repetitions.




When the build was finally complete, the last and, in some ways, most important step was the patina. Many preparations had been invested to customize a 50-gallon immersion process. Metal finisher Marie Trybulski skillfully orchestrated the final steps and, by hand, highlighted intersections of each plane to reveal the facets of the bronze. Wax was then carefully layered in the days to come to ensure longevity in the lifespan of the patina.




Finally, each light was carefully wired and packed for installation, which was successful thanks to the assistance of Brian Raber, Zack Wait and Yale Wolf. 

Bellevue Arts Museum threw a fantastic preview party the night before the show opening to the public. The exhibition is on view until February 5, 2017.

BAM Biennial 2016: Metalmorphosis

Force/Collide is pleased to announce that I have been accepted into Bellevue Arts Museum's 2016 Biennial! The juried exhibition Metalmorphosis, on view from September 2nd through late January, will feature works from 49 metalsmiths based in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm honored to be presenting a new lighting series made from silicon bronze to go alongside the work of many of the PNW's great metal minds:

Rik Allen, WA
Ruth Beer, BC
Lanny Bergner, WA
Jana Brevick, WA
Julie Brooks, WA
John Buck, MT
Ben Buswell, OR
Deborah Butterfield, MT
Melissa Cameron, WA
Christine Clark, OR
Andy Cooperman, WA
Maria Cristalli, WA
Casey Curran, WA
Garri Dadyan, WA
Marita Dingus, WA
Andrew Fallat, WA
Chelsea Gaddy, WA
Aran Galligan, WA
Catherine Grisez, WA
Laurie J. Hall, OR
Bruno Hervieux, WA
Ron Ho, WA
Mary Lee Hu, WA
Lynne Hull, WA
David Keyes, WA
Bob Kramer, WA
Kirk Lang, WA
Cheryll Leo-Gwinn, WA
Philip Levine, WA
Keith Lewis, WA
Micki Lippe, WA
Susan Madacsi, ID
Chris McMullen, WA
Taiji Miyasaka and David Drake, WA
Ries Niemi, WA
Allan Packer, WA
Ross Palmer Beecher, WA
Beverly Petow, BC
Maria Phillips, WA
Peter Reiquam, WA
Lyndsay Rice, OR
Midori Saito, WA
Anika Smulovitz, ID
Julie Speidel, WA
Spencer Staley, OR
Nicky Statius, OR
Lori Talcott, WA
Kristin Tollefson, WA
Nancy Worden, WA

The panel of jurors consisted of Lloyd E. Herman, Founding Director and Director Emeritus, Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; Jennifer Navva Milliken, Curator of Craft, Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, WA; Suzanne Ramljak, Editor of Metalsmith magazine and curator at the American Federation of Arts, New York, NY; Cindi StraussAssistant Director, Programming and Curator for Modern and Contemporary Decorative Arts and Design, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX.

Stay tunes for more details about the piece and the opening party!

You're invited: closing reception for Pratt Fine Art Center's Women in Metal gallery show

I'm so excited about this upcoming event and I would love to see you all there! The closing reception for Pratt Fine Art Center's Women in Metal group gallery exhibition is on Friday, May 22nd from 6-8pm. In tandem with exploring the art of urn making, I have displayed a new funerary vessel in bronze that I can’t wait to share, and am proud to be showing alongside some of the region's most impressive metal artists.

A little bit about the program: Coordinator and artist, Lisa Geertsen, has made a truly groundbreaking contribution to the community this Spring by composing a multi-faceted program to celebrates women in metal. WIM showcases local female professional artists working with metal on a large scale and successfully navigating a traditionally male-dominated discipline. Lisa’s vision for this diverse series of events is to "bring awareness to the public about these artists, and to create exciting and inviting opportunities for women to experience working in metal for the first time, or to further their artistic practice." The exhibition, along with the other events involved in Women in Metal, have truly brought to light how strong the metals community is and created an extensive, lifelong pool of resources for artists or those who are interested in learning.

The Women in Metal events included a panel discussion moderated by Bellevue Art Museum's Curator of Craft Jennifer Navva Milliken, a series of specialized workshops taught by leading women in the field, and an on-going exhibition featuring individual works from local women sculptors from a wide array of disciplines. I was so honored to be invited to speak on the panel and present work for the show, as well as to have a chance to take a class from another arist whose techniques I deeply respect.

The show features the vast talents of the artists Catherine Grisez, Erica Gordon, Eva Funderburgh-Hollis, Alair Wells, Celeste Tracy, Carla Grahn, Hazel Margaretes, Leah Gerrard, Chelsea Gaddy, Kelly Gilliam, Lisa Geertsen and Lauren Osmolski.

To learn more about the purchase and details of this urn, please contact me at As always, I also love to work on a custom basis.

For more information about Pratt Fine Arts Center and the exhibition, please visit I hope to see you there!

Funerary Vessel II | silicon bronze (vessel), blackened mild steel (stand)
8 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 7 1/2" | Inquire for price
Photo by Genevieve Pearson/Project Girl Crush
On display at Pratt Fine Art Center through the end of May

Project Girl Crush

I love to talk about what I do. Fortunately for Seattle, dynamic duo Jen Utley and Genevieve Pierson have combined forces on a bold endeavor they call Project Girl Crush, providing a platform for women they find inspiring to do just that. What I love most about them is that they've perfected the art of asking the hard questions in an effort to get the whole story, not just what people want to hear. To say I'm flattered that they wanted to hear from me would be an understatement.

Here's a more personal look into how I came to merge what I love and what I do, and what makes me tick. Follow the link below for the video and article, which Genevieve has documented with an unparalleled lens both in my home and at the shop.

Project Girl Crush talks with Chelsea Gaddy

Women in Metal: A Conversation

I've had the honor of participating in Pratt Fine Art Center's Spring program, Women in Metal. Coordinated by talented friend and artist, Lisa Geertsen, and Pratt's Lindsay Walter, this is a multi-faceted series of events and classes designed to promote women who work in the field and provide resources for women who may be interested in learning metalwork, asking questions and getting involved in the community.

As well as the panel discussion and specialized classes taught by artists from the Pacific Northwest throughout the season, several women metal artists will be exhibiting work at Pratt Fine Arts Center for the months of April and May. Pratt is located at 1902 S Main St, Seattle, WA 98144. I have a new bronze funerary vessel on display that will be for sale. Photos of this piece and information on a closing reception coming soon!

For more information on classes, visit