The Domino is a versatile set of nesting coffee tables designed and fabricated by Force/Collide. Finished with blackened steel and tempered gray glass, these tables are formed to fit the custom-tailored needs of the client as much as they are to be decorative art objects for the home. Each is fully functional in both stand-alone positions and nested crossways, the taller table doubling as either a moveable higher perch or as a side table. Both tables easily slide to obtain the desired justification of the tables when nested: either left, center or right. Thick, translucent gray glass exposes a subtle view of the exposed decorative supports that they sit on and casts dynamic shadows, picking up surrounding color and texture in their reflective surface quality. Shiny glass is contrasted with perfect satin black steel for a tactile and dramatic feel. Highlighted edges reflect light to show off the varying silhouettes. The interplay of geometries as they overlay and intersect in their various configurations leaves no end to the possibilities for the Domino Coffee Tables.


LOW TABLE: 48 x 15 x 15”
HIGH TABLE: 28 x 24 x 24”

Mild Steel & Tempered Gray Glass
Made in 2019

All photographs by Christopher Eltrich