Belltown welcomed its newest addition of independently owned bars when Neon Boots opened at 2224 2nd Ave in the Spring of 2017. Force/Collide is honored to have created a sidewalk cafe at the bar's entryway that gives patrons a prime place to enjoy cocktails. Designed and fabricated in-house, the unique geometric patterning compliments the psychedelic desert theme of the interior, which boasts optical illusions created by beautiful archways and careful lighting treatment. The railing is powder coated for long term protection and mechanically fastens for easy removal. The railing is one of many custom art pieces created for the bar, which is chock full of work Seattle based artists, including Joseph Nix, Crystal Barbre, Christoher Derek Bruno, Kyle Abernathy, Matthew Fletcher and Metro Signs.

All photos by Christopher Eltrich


Neon.Boots.Railing-30044_CG crop.jpg